"Out children loved being in THE TOWER! As a non-Jewish institution, the script of THE TOWER was easily adaptable and the message of working together and overcoming our differences remained the same! Thank you!"

-- Dana DiChiara

Director, Town and Gown Theatre, Birmingham Alabama
"We have produced The Role Model, The Tower, Happily Ever Now and A Higher Ground. Cara Freedman's shows are some of the best teaching vehicles I know. The music is terrific and the kids love performing the shows. No one really realizes how much they have learned until the shows are over. From working on Cara's Shows as their entry to involvement at Temple, many adults have gone on to sit on or chair other Beth Am committees and projects. What an impact!"

-- Cantor Kay Greenwald

Congregation Beth Am, Palo Alto California

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For thirty years, Cara's shows have been performed and enjoyed by both secular and Jewish theater groups across North America. Because all of these plays have been produced and performed, we can confidently make some guarantees about what you get when you put on a Cara Freedman production:

Amazing memories for everyone involved
Catchy music, fun roles, and a friendship-building experience that will stay with participants for the rest of their lives; that is what you get when you put on a Cara Freedman play. Whether they were in one of her productions two months ago, or twenty years ago, actors still make a point of telling us what an incredible time they had in her plays.

Fun stories that teach important life-lessons for kids and teens
Every play teaches an important life-lesson in a way that gets kids and teens to respond and remember. These lessons are based on Jewish Values, but are also important universal messages that hold true no matter what your culture or beliefs: From one student's struggle to understand what it means to be a hero in "The Role Model", to the outer-space adventure of "The Tower", where a young diplomat helps aliens understand that their differences can help them reach new heights, as long as they remember that underneath, they are all the same;

Full production kit with Director's Handbook makes plays easy to produce
Everything you need for a successful show plus camera ready artwork and free production consultation! Cara has personally directed and produced numerous performances of each of her plays, and has compiled her knowledge into succinct but comprehensive director's handbooks. These handbooks, included with every production kit, share everything you'll need to know to make your production a hit!

Each Production Kit contains the following*:
  • Master Script
  • Sheet Music
  • Sample Playbill and Ad Book
  • Original Cast Recording
  • Original Cast Video
  • Director's Handbook
*unless otherwise specified