A Higher Ground

Quick Facts

  • Run Time: 1 hr, 50 min
  • Cast Size: 20-85
  • Age Range: 10-18
  • # of Songs: 12
Photo from A Higher Ground Photo from A Higher Ground Photo from A Higher Ground Photo from A Higher Ground
"We have produced The Role Model, The Tower, Happily Ever Now and A Higher Ground. Cara Freedman's shows are some of the best teaching vehicles I know. The music is terrific and the kids love performing the shows. No one really realizes how much they have learned until the shows are over. From working on Cara's Shows as their entry to involvement at Temple, many adults have gone on to sit on or chair other Beth Am committees and projects. What an impact!"

-- Cantor Kay Greenwald

Congregation Beth Am, Palo Alto California
"Your plays are great and the music you create is exceptional. I hope you continue to write many more musicals for the Jewish community in the U.S."

-- Nili Kosmal

Director of the Drama, Dance, Music, and Visual Arts division, Temple Emanu-El, Beverly Hills, California

Academy On Stage, San Diego Jewish Academy's Performing Arts Department. A Higher Ground: Written, Composed and Directed by Cara Freedman. Copyright 2004

About "A Higher Ground"

An exciting musical based on lessons from the prophets and PIRKE AVOT, the wisdom of our ancestors, this show ultimately teaches each of us how to listen to our "still small voice". Set on a Jr. High school campus, four very different students campaign to become the next class president... but their campaigns aren't entirely ethical, and they fall into gossip, peer pressure, vanity, and laziness. With all of these problems, the school ground actually begins to sink, until a mystical visitor appears out of a magical, smoke-filled tunnel on campus. With the visitor's help, the candidates search for solutions to their everyday struggles using lessons from the past, and learn to reach for A HIGHER GROUND.


  • This play has a wide variety of scenes, including a school campaign and election, a small village at the turn of the century, a construction work area, and Maccabia games basketball training camp.
  • *Sample playbill not available