The Tower

Quick Facts

  • Run Time: 1 hr, 15 min
  • Cast Size: 20-85
  • Age Range: 8-18
  • # of Songs: 11
Photo from The Tower Photo from The Tower Photo from The Tower Photo from The Tower
"We produced WE ARE YOUR SONG, AMERICA-A STORY OF ELLIS ISLAND. From beginning to end, the show was a great learning experience for all. How wonderful to find good theater material for Jewish young people!"

-- Laura Seymour

Director of Family and Youth Services, Dallas Jewish Community Center, Dallas Texas
"Our children still talk about how much they enjoyed putting on A SYMBOL OF CHANUKAH. Our Temple thoroughly enjoyed Cara Freedman's Production!"

-- Cantor Rebecca Garfein

Riverdale Temple, Bronx, New York

Academy On Stage's production of "The Tower", a full-length youth musical by Cara Freedman.

About "The Tower"

Loosely based on The Tower of Babel, this fun and colorful show has an important message for everyone. The play starts out at an International Children's Conference somewhere on earth where the children are asked to make a difference in the world. After the conference, Ari and her friends are trying to build a communication tower. They can't seem to find the necessary blueprints for the building and soon begin to squabble about how it should look. While the fighting goes on, Ari trips and falls, and when she wakes up, she finds herself on another planet where everyone is separated by color. The Oranges wont talk to the Blues, who wont talk to the Clears who don't talk to the Greens. In the end, everyone works together to eliminate prejudice, and learns that we may look different on the outside, but inside we're the same!


  • "Inside, We're the Same" became the Salvation Army's theme song in California.
  • The set is more complicated than the other shows, and the costumes are very colorful and creative!